How to Activate Windows – With and Without a Product Key

Windows operating system does prompt a ‘Windows version isn’t genuine?’ message if at all the windows has not been activated properly. This error shall appear on Windows 7, 8 and in 10 too. This error can be solved by activating the windows with or without a product key.

Activating Windows with a product key:

Activating a windows version with a product easy is quite an easy process. Find out for a windows product key that shall be twenty-five characters long and located either on the top or back part of the computer case or by the bottom part of the laptop. If the windows version has been installed using a Windows disc, then find for the product key imprinted inside the case.

  • Windows 10 activation with a product key:

Below mentioned steps are for Windows 10 users to genuinely activate windows.

  • Go to Settings
  • Make a click upon Update & Security
  • Find the ‘Activation’ tab and make a click on it
  1. Click over ‘Change Product Key’ and enter down the valid key details to activate windows.

A digital license can be purchased as an alternative to entering product key by clicking upon the ‘Go to Store’ button.

Reboot and get back to the Activation Tab that can be found under ‘Update & Security’ to check if the installed windows version has been promptly activated.

  • Windows 7 activation with a product key:

Follow up the below-mentioned steps to activate windows 7 using a product key.

  • Click on the Start menu button and then right click on ‘Computer’
  • From the small pop-up menu select ‘Properties’
  • Under ‘Windows Activation’ click upon ‘Change Product Key’
  • Enter down the valid product key
  • Make a click on the ‘Next’ button to activate windows.

Reboot and then again open up the Windows Properties to witness the ‘Windows is Activated’ message.

Activating Windows without a product key:

Although activating windows without using a product key shall not be the optimal way, it can help in times when the originally provided product keys go missing.

By making use of a Windows Activator, the windows copy that has been installed to a laptop or a computer system can be activated instantly without entering down any kind of product keys.

Method 1:

Download a Windows Activator from a trustworthy source online. KMSPico Activator is one among the most known and used Windows Activator. Follow up below mentioned steps to activate Windows without using product keys.

  • Download KMSPico or any other windows activator from the source you can trust
  • Install them using the given installer
  • Open up the installation directory and run the ‘.exe’ file
  • Make a click upon the red switch button
  • Wait for a few minutes of time to let the Windows Activator complete the entire activation process.

After the activation process finishes up, the windows version that has been installed to the computer or laptop must be activated instantly with a simple reboot.  

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