Master Your Skills With This Top 25 Music Making Gadgets

Last time when you have thought about music what are the first instruments that come into your mind? You probably think about guitar, Parkinson, piano. No wonder! These are the most popular instruments after all. But beside this, there are lots of others which are creating the buzz across the globe. Here, take a look at my list of 25 music making gadgets to master your skills in 2018.

Meet the Six-Stringed Monster: Gibson Firebird X

Music Making Gadgets

This electric guitar has given the traditional instrument a new and brilliant height of innovation. Hands down it is the best electric guitar in the world now with an extremely stylish look and amazing sound quality. It has incorporated all the latest guitar technologies to boost up your professional music composition works. Rock the stage like your own music empire with the revolutionary gadget.

AmpliTube iRig Stomp

This gadget should be at the top of your wishlist if you are a guitarist as well as an iPhone/ iPad user. Apple never disappoints when it comes to surprise us with latest techs. iRig Stomp can integrate the iOS signal processing apps to your existing Pedalboard setup. When Apple’s exclusive tone shaping and processing technology combines with your composition talents, who knows what wonders you can do!

Moog Guitar E1-M

If you are looking for a MIDI-enabled guitar with great performance, Moog’s model E1 should be your first choice. After all, who doesn’t want to possess the award-winning world-class guitar! It works with the latest MIDI converters, 13 pin HEx output, low latency design and everything else to let your sonar imaginations touch new limits.

Fuzz Probe- Guitar Effects Pedal

Create music with your feet– yeah, you heard me right! It is a little innovation on the theremin where you can press the pedal under your feet to give the guitar tones a certain squeaky feel. Thus you can mess with the sound effects by restricting the knob on the Fuzz Probe. Alongside, the handmade logo on the handy tool makes it more interesting.

Air Piano

The name of the gadget sounds ridiculous, right? But the gadget itself can sound absolutely amazing! When our entire world is shifting to virtuality, this wooden board appears as the modern version of the antique piano. You can connect the device to your computer and adjust the piano switches. Simply move your fingers above the board and it feels like playing the piano on the air!

Korg Monotron Delay

Monotron is an ancient simple music making device that works with five knobs and a string- probably the simplest configuration among all the gadgets in the list. But don’t underestimate it. Korg has mixed classical monotron with the latest sound system and inbuilt speaker. Spend hours with it while making soft tunes. Plug an earphone to it, and you are set!

Korg Micro Piano

Here’s another innovation from Korg. If you secretly dream about having a grand piano and playing the great symphonies of Beethoven and Mozart, this gadget might excite your interest. It has 61 mini keys, a lid like the classic grand piano, and a beyond-the-world sound system. It combines the electric piano and classic piano effect to a great deal.

Eigenharp Pico

This versatile device is a brilliant invention of Eigenlabs that combines the function of a Guitar or Sax with that of a digital synthesizer and sequencer. Seems too much? But the gadget is surprisingly easy to use. It comes with a product activation card, breathe pipe, 2 mouthpieces, neck strap.

Variax Line 6

A professional guitarist needs more than one guitar for the different effects during the musical performance. It is difficult for an individual to switch between acoustic, vintage electric guitar and the latest electric guitars all along. Variax has solved your problem. In this exclusive edition, you are getting all the different forms of bass and guitar in a single device, by adjusting a simple knob according to your preference.

Akai Synthstation 25

Here’s another product dedicated to Apple technologies. You can connect Synthstation to your iPhone/ iPod touch and make your own version of the tiny sound station. This is a MIDI keyboard helps your phone function as a set of piano keys and professional quality audio output unit. This app is suitable for both the professionals and amateur music creators.

Orange OPC

Orange OPC can put any amplifier device to shame. It has broken the concept of typical music composing amplifier and evolved as a computer to build musical notes. It comes with an inbuilt Windows 7, in an attractive looking orange suite which will last longer than any other amplifier gadget.

Alesis IO Dock

This is the first device to form a universal sound station to connect all kinds of microphones, musical instruments and professional speakers with your iPad. It will enable you to connect the whole gallery of Apple music applications with your creativity of music composition that you can perform anywhere and in any condition.

Digitech IPB 10

87 virtual pedals, 54 amplifying heads, 27 cabinets – all in one gadget. The free IPB Nexus application can connect to your iPad and give you a handy virtual guitar pedal: first of its kind! You never know how amazing is that unless you try it out yourself.

Behringer iPad Mixers XENYX

The XENYX iX series comes in three product models named iX3242USB, iX2442USB, and iX1642USB. You can connect these to your iPhone or MacBook with USB and record any sound. Music that you process in this device automatically become world-class sound quality, so that you don’t have to work hard.

Blue Spark Digital

Are you a fan of Podcasting? You don’t have to book an expensive voice studio to record your music anymore. Get this device and you guaranteed to get a studio performance while recording your audio.

Gear4 pocket loops

How is this device different from the regular loop makers? You can create tunes for fun and add up to multiple tunes and choose your looping pattern. It will also catch up with any special effect that you throw at it.

Ion piano apprentice

Why pay for extra piano classes and waste your time when you have a hi-tech iPad at hand! Get direct lessons from Emmy winner Scott Houston on your iPad by connecting it to the useful app and piano accessory provided by ion. Learn piano in no time.

Ion Discover USB guitar

Like the last device, Ion Discover guitar model is the best way to learn to play guitar with fun. It includes a performance-ready electric guitar with an all-wooden body, Ion cable to connect it directly to your Apple devices.

Line 6 Mobile in

This is another amp device for your precious iPhone or Mac. You can switch between different guitar cabinets, rack effects, tunes and bass with a far better audio quality than the regular devices.

Misa Kitara

The Kitara comes with an 8-inch multi-touch screen, gesture recognition, and a full fretboard. This is not a replacement for your traditional guitar. Rather it offers you the versatility of a polyphonic synthesizer along with the look and feel of a guitar. A library of over 100 different sounds gives you a lot of chance to rock out with.

Numark iDJ Live

Use the big screen of your iPad to spin like a DJ with the brilliant apps, Numark’s iDJ Live. Two decks along with a central mixer and a crossfader bring the realistic feel to beginners’ mixing and scratching. Dj live lets you record your best iTunes mixes. You can simply hit the auto-mix if you want.

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Pad

Here comes the best for the Percussion lover! With the sleek black finish, silver buttons and flash red LEDs Roland SPD-SX is an impressive one. Its dedicated sample button and some easy options to do so separates it from the competitors. The 2GB of built-in memory which offers 360 minutes of sampling lets you create the masterpiece.

Stylophone Beatbox

Stylophone Beatbox is slightly different from the original Stylophone. It comes with a circular pad and black plastic stylus. You can tap individual spots on the pad to trigger sounds and there are three voices one of which is the set of beatboxes by MC Zani. And the others are the drum voice and a bass note voice. You can record and playback as well simply by tapping one of the two spots. Ultimately is a fun little toy especially for budding hip-hop producers.

Teenage Engineering OP 1

The OP 1 from Teenage Engineering takes portable musical fun to a whole new level. You can produce a squawky tunage in seconds with its synth, drum sampler, four-track tape sim and most importantly the mixer. And at the end one more thing I must say, the OP 1 is incredibly slender and attractive as well. Falling somewhere in between a musical sketchpad and a full production workstation I found OP 1 a great companion.

The End-Note

Why restrict your musical talent to the confines of a studio? While you can do a lot more with these handy musical gadgets. This 25 cool musical gadgets definitely opens the door to master the skills you have in you.