Enjoy TV Streaming at High Resolution with the Futuristic Technology of 4k

Today we live in an era where everyone is running behind technological advancement. Most of the electronic gadget such as mobile handsets, computers, home appliances, etc. are getting updated with the latest technologies. Television sets are also part of this technical renovation with the incorporation of high-end features such as 4K and UHD. 4K is also known as Ultra HD and it enables you to enjoy 4 times television resolution than before. You can watch correct colors and detail from any corner of the house with the IPS panel. This 4K feature has become quite popular among the mass due to its world-class experience and easy access. Some of the world’s biggest television shows have restricted their screening rights to 4k enabled tv sets only. Netflix, Fire Tv, etc. are the media streamers which bring in 4K to the mainstream TV viewers across the world. PS4 pro, Amazon prime etc. are also following the same path of pushing 4k feature to each of our house. So, bring in this wonderful technology to your home and start enjoying TV Streaming at high resolution four times the level of detail.

Introducing 4K: The Concept

TV Streaming at high resolution

The 4K name is given after the image width of 4000 pixels. Normally television sets are named after image height of 1080 resolution. But for 4k, the provision has been shifted from height to wide. The 4K technology provides a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixel. It is four times powerful than the normal resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels found in our full HD TV. Basically, it doubles the pixel numbers in both image height and width. Such a high pixel density, allows you to enjoy a more clear, better and defined picture quality. It creates much crisper images on the screen and enables you to see more details and texture. In a nutshell, 4k allows you to utilize every pixel of your screen size by offering four times resolution. But before purchasing a new 4k enabled television set, you should check for the basic features the TV should contain.

Run a Research on Best 4k Enabled Television Sets

Every year new television brands are enlisting their names in the 4k enabled tv setlist. Even the old brands are also getting adapted to 4k technology very fast. To support the high pixel density requirement of the 4k feature, a big screen size is required at first. Coupled with that High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut are also needed in a 4K enabled tv set. Excellent HDR picture quality, advanced sound quality, smart system and limited viewing angles are also there in the list of must-have features in a 4k enabled tv set.

Check out the Names of Five Best Quality Television Sets which support the 4K Feature

    1. Samsung Q9FN QLED TV is the best 4K enabled television set available in the market. It offers a large screen size. Along with that, it provides you with brighter colors, sound lighting system, advanced contrast settings and full array local dimming.
    2. Sony XF90 Series comes second in this list which falls in the mid-range 4k tv set. It delivers you with amazing motion handling, high-end contrast, and better processing. But its HDR is less bright than Samsung and remote is not so good.
    3. Panasonic FZ952 or FZ950 tops the list of OLED tv sets and it supports 4K also. It offers premium contrast, unmatched color accuracy, and best picture performance. It only lacks in Dolby vision and atmos compatibility which keeps it in the 3rd number in the list.
    4. Sony BRAVIA A1 comes forth in this list which falls in the premium range of 4k Tv. You can enjoy its crystal clear picture, effective sound performance, and vibrating screen. It lags behind the other brands in terms of brightness and contrast.
    5. LG C8 is another example of OLED tv set with 4K support option. It offers sound picture quality, premium features, and smart platform. It lacks in brightness from Sony BRAVIA A1.

4K and Ultra HD: Are these same or different?

Apparently, 4k and UHD are two similar terms. But technically, there is a slight difference between the two technologies. The 4K technology offers a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Whereas, Ultra HD feature delivers you with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. So practically, claiming 4K to have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels is incorrect. But the difference in pixels is so minor between 4k and UHD, that people use these two names as alternatives.

Start Watching your Favorite TV Shows and Movies in 4k

Are you planning to step into the world of  3,840 x 2,160 pixels of resolution? But feeling confused about how to start and which options to choose? Go through the steps mentioned below to set up a 4k TV in your home.

Watching Movies in UHD

  • Transfer your old CRT TV inside your storeroom.
  • Purchase a brand new 4K TV out of the brands mentioned earlier.
  • Avail a subscription to Amazon’s UHD package.
  • Purchase a 4K UHD Blu-ray player in case you want to upgrade your movie library.
  • Avail a subscription to Xbox’s UHD package in case you are a game lover.
  • Start enjoying the world-class experience of 4K.

An Insight Into the Future of 4K or UHD

4k or UHD feature is now entering into our houses at a fast pace. People are opting for purchasing television sets with larger screen size to enjoy Netflix videos instead of watching movies. Watching contents with bright picture quality and highest resolutions than ever is now the primary need of all. However, a concept of 8K is prevailing in the market though no explanation is available yet to clear the concept. In this context, 4k stands out to be the future of high-end tv streaming experience. Some advanced cameras such as Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder, etc. are available in the market which can produce 4K quality videos. Even some of the premium smartphones such as iPhone 8, iPhone X etc. also contain the facility to capture 4k videos. This proves the acceptance of 4k technology by the top players across all the fields. So, join the 4k family today and start enjoying unmatched resolution.