The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Music

Music is a rhythm which is something everyone enjoys. For some it is a source of recreation, to others, it is a way to make their living. The music industry is actually similar to the journalism industry. In the 21st century, it is the utmost progressing industry. The reason is the fast-growing internet world. The effect of technology on the music industry has had an enormous effect. With the growing technology, it is easier for musicians to easily spread their work and directly connect with fans and the larger crowd.

Advancements in technology mean hard disks or CD’s are no longer necessary items for music listeners. This leads to an inherent problem called piracy. This happens for example- you borrow your friend’s CD and then copy the songs to your computer and here you go. No spending any money and all songs at your desk!

Boon of Technology and Internet on Music

The opening up of the field of the internet brings a wide change. With the speed of the internet comes the speed of sharing, viewing and reaching all the corners of the world. On the other hand, illegal ways also take birth. Applications like Napster and Limewire helps in piracy. This is posing to be an extremely pertinent threat to the creators of original music. Their work is not rightly receiving the worth.

Social networking is a kind of a revolution where the way we listen and source music is changed. Not only source, but music production has also changed. People record their sings and upload it on their sites or social accounts. The artists can promote their work at no cost at all. The intermediary business is just over. The internet has the power to open the world to the audience just with a click.

Effect of Technology on Music

Producing songs is also easy now as you don’t have to rely on the big labels to approve your demo. Then provide you with a chance for recording. You can simply arrange a workstation at your home and record, produce, compose, sing and upload.

The Magic of YouTube

Earlier we could only listen to songs. Now you can enjoy the videos too! With YouTube comes the most effective way to publicise your work. Do you know how youtube can make you rich? If you have the talent then what are you waiting for. Grab the world’s most anticipated platform and showcase your music for free.

YouTube is a major source where you get to see all the videos. This Google’s database has millions of video stored. You can search for any damn video that you want and it will be playing. The perfect application for musicians who want to kick-start their music career. Create a channel, keep on uploading videos and advertise yourself for your subscription.

With the preponderance of smartphones, people have the power to choose anything at any time. So, as a matter of fact, internet rules over and the crowd has their own hold on how and in which manner to consume the music.

There are various devices and gadgets to modulate your voice at home. You no longer require a recording studio. Artists like Sherley Sethia, Sanam Puri became an online sensation overnight with their songs on YouTube.

Bane of Technology and Internet on Music

As we all know, a coin has both sides and both the sides are equally important. Here comes the same story. Although we know technological advancements gives great heights, it also takes away a lot. In case, let us take the piracy factor. Earlier there were cassettes and CDs, which cannot be copied to some file. People bought the CDs of the singers they loved and hence, the revenue was going on a good scale. Now paradoxically, with free producing and marketing, the revenue of the music industry has drastically come down.

technologies of music industry

Most people are a part of creating a record are paid in royalties, and if the music is released worldwide without anyone being involved, then there is no need to pay any royalty. Users download songs from all the online music streaming apps. Saavn, gaana, iTunes, Amazon are the leading ones. People now have the choice to download the songs which they love rather than buying the entire cassette. This has become feasible for people who do not want to buy an entire CD.

Making a decent amount of money is difficult for people who want to make music as their career. The Internet has made it easy for people to upload but receiving the right amount of money is not possible easily.

Play Musical Instruments on your Phone

Applications are available even for musical instruments on your phones. Piano, keyboard, drums etc all can be played and learned through the app. What exactly happens is the person who is willing to learn the basics will no doubt avail these apps, but will not get the exact knowledge on how to do it. Teachers who really can teach you the accurate ways are now rendered jobless. Everyone is trying to become a master on their own. If these were so easy, then there would have been no Beatles today.

The Evergreen Music Industry

No doubt, porous and fractured music is helped by the internet and that’s the sole benefitting factor of technology on music. Furthermore, audiophiles and musicians are able to widen their musical range with the development with less effort and money. Accessing large music libraries, billboard, are at your fingertips. You can tailor your playlist and listen to only those songs that you want to. Streaming services actually have a rising battle to fight because they are loaded with various lawsuits. These are not easy to combat. Technology is a boon but its a bane as well.

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