7 Ways Technology Will Change The Future Of Music

Freddie Mercury said “we are in a golden age of music. There will be a time when technology becomes so advanced that we’ll rely on them to make music rather than raw talent. Music will lose its soul.” The age Freddie Mercury talked about is already here. But the question is whether the soul of the music is lost or not. It is a never-ending argument.

The union between music and technology is indeed killing some talent. Somewhere between auto-tuning and voice modulation, the real voice is getting lost. At the same time, it is making way for some good beats. There are some legendary creations that changed the experience of music.

Over the years, technology is opening new dimensions in the creative field. Starting from the way melody is made to how we listen, everything is pretty much changing. Further, marketing strategy and usage of props are changing as well. Technology is constantly shaping the future of music. Some legendary inventions are known to us already while some are still in progress. This article will talk about seven ways technology will change the future Of music.

AI Composers

AI Composers

Alan Turing probably never imagined that artificial intelligence will produce music one day. With the progress in AI-generated music, producers hardly make music manually now. First generation Asian pop differs from the second and third generation in its beat. Moreover, it changed drastically after the introduction of artificial intelligence in music.

Technology is gradually infiltrating the creative world. However, this doesn’t mean bots are taking over humans. AI can compose music but not without a human. Basically, with AI you make melody in a machine instead of musical instruments. The creation remains the same, just the procedure is different. Also, you can enter the genre and the time limit and create a tune with AI.

Holographic Artists

Ten years ago Hatsune Miku made her stage debut. This Japanese pop artist is not a human. Though this sound impossible but the Crypton future Media made it possible. This living anime singer doesn’t have her own personality, choices or opinions. Yet she is the voice of many.  She was created for giving the singers a tool to create their music and expanding their capacity.

This girl was essentially a combination of two software, illustration, and sound. Now, this Japanese illustration is representative of many music creators. From singing live concerts to the photoshoot, this software does everything.

Technology will change future of music


In music, there is no such thing called winner or loser yet award shows are changing the way you listen to music. Streaming songs are a part of voting now. All the award shows count physical sales along with digital sales now. Apps like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc took over the streaming. Since youtube views are as important as album sales now. This changed the scenario of music entirely.

Accordingly, the concept of streaming changed the downloading or buying rate. This gave birth to a new fan-culture. Now the fandoms target views and set a streaming goal for winning award shows.

Slicker Speaker

Slicker speakers are one revolutionary invention. This Playbase is for amplifying and accompanying a television. This speaker is wide and thin. It is compatible with music and films. Therefore, this fulfills all the different audio requirements.

VR Music Videos

VR music videos changed the experience of MV. Asian pop opened the gate for a new kind of virtual reality in music videos. This came onto the scene with Chinese, Japanese and Korean pop music videos. This effect soon entered the western media as well. Using technologies to create a 3D effect is becoming popular all over the world. Every genre is welcoming these effects with open arms. Further, the amount of money spent on a music video is also increased largely.

Piracy vs Paid Music

The battle between piracy and paid music is going on since forever. Illegal downloads and pirated music videos affect the streaming as well. With online music stores and its importance on award shows are cutting down the rate of piracy. Some online music stores arrange fan-meets and giveaways. This strategy is not exactly high-tech but it’s changing the future of music. So basically now you pay in order to play music.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker. Echo is a new way of streaming and listening to music. This comes with voice-controlled service. You can command echo to play music for you and it will do it. You don’t even have to type in order to listen to music. This device is capable of interacting with you. It takes commands and provides you with real-time information. Be it setting alarms or streaming podcast, Echo will do it for you.

The Union of Technology and Music…

Technology is indeed a blessing. With the union of music with technology, a new tomorrow is coming. Now the streaming Apps are capable of the history of the music industry in one click. Your favorite songs will be at your fingertips. Finally, hits won’t come with an 8 or 12 weeks time period. Rather they can stay for a long time, even forever.

Accordingly, the image of a star changed as well. Technology opened a global stage for all the artist. The Hallelujah wave is an example of this. Asian pop is taking over the West. Steve Aoki and Far East Movement are collaborating with Asian pop stars like Bangtan Sonnyeodan and Park Chan Yeol.

The virtual world is getting mixed with the real world. YouTubers and anonymous artists are getting more popular. Singing covers in a different language, making mashups and remixes are also increasing day by day. The gap between the stars and their fans are also changing. Again, how Evan Berard, a Canadian fanboy of Korean songs became a music producer with his mashups is a classic example of this.

Technology has made music global. Not just the music videos but live concerts are also changed with new technologies. However, the battle between technology and talent will go on. Some will appreciate this invade and some won’t. The invasion of technology in all creative field is inevitable and music is no exception to this.