7 Music Festival Tech Trends that changed the World of Music

The union of music and technology has made many miracles possible. For some, technology is killing the music industry but for some its opening new gates. Music is also evolving with the time and the artists are welcoming the new changes with open arms.

Only music has the power of binding thousands of hearts with one single tune. Technology is changing the music festivals as well. It has driven the popularity of music festivals. Stunning visuals, mixing music live and lightstick oceans are capturing the hearts of millions.

People are changing with new innovations. The definition of listening to music and enjoying is changing with it. The way music festivals were held has changed over the past few decades. Now technological inventions have changed the experience of live shows. Accordingly, some tech-trends took over the music festivals with a storm.

Live Streaming

Think about streaming a concert live that is happening on the other side of the world. Technology made this possible. Now you can stream any live concert on your phone or PC. This streaming is related to the economy as well. Applications like YouTube, Vlive, etc made this possible. They do live telecast of music festivals. And the entertainment agencies earn money from it. Sometimes these live telecasts include backstage moments, rehearsals and interviews. Moreover, these are strategies for engaging the audience more. This has changed the way people used to enjoy music festivals before. Also, streaming battles between fandoms of different groups entered the scenario as well.


RFID or Radio-frequency Identification Device are used for identifying people or objects by using radio waves. This technology of identification comes in a wrist-band. This device reads information without making any contact. The small chip inside the wristband is capable of carrying 2000 bytes of data. This device works like a barcode scanner or the magnetic strip of the ATM card. It scrutinizes all the necessary information. With this radio-frequency identification device, you can handle pricing, site planning, and booking. This wristband is capable of tracking location too.

tech trends changed the world of music

VR Instruments

VR instruments are the game changer in the scenario of music festivals. These instruments are creating an augmented reality which is blurring down the gap between the real and virtual world. VR instruments like aerodromes offer something incredible. The experience of live music has changed when VR instruments entered the scene. With the help of technology, now artists create some stunning visual effects on stage. VR effects managed to create the effects of music videos on live stage. Now music festivals offer jamming sessions, live music mixing, special effects, etc. Using different props on stage and theme-based concerts took the experience of live music to another level. For example, the Star Wars themed music festival with lightsabers and The Game Of Thrones-themed music concert by Comic Cons are gaining popularity.

Drones and Bots

Drones are no longer limited to the military now. Using drones in music festivals contributed to streaming. Now the music festivals are shot like movies. Clear visuals without fan-chants and angles like music videos gave the live experience another dimension. Bots have replaced humans. All the necessary information, navigation, and every little detail are monitored by bots. Machines will answer all your queries. This overcomes the limitations of languages as well. Moreover, chat-bots are pre-programmed for answering all the common queries. Now drones and robots replaced heavy cameras and humans. Music festivals overcame the human limitations with technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence reached a stage where it is making music for us as well. Now music producers don’t use all the instruments to make a tune. Music makers have digital assistance as their work partner now. Artists can set the genre, length, and mood of the tune they want and create music with more efficiency. Also, blockchain-based apps are enhancing the opportunities. It is decentralizing music industry and eliminating the intermediaries. Further, artificial intelligence and blockchain based apps are mending the gap between artists and fans. Basically, they are connecting the stars with their fans. This is a way of involving fans. It helps in ticket sales, the involvement of the audience and building a fandom.

Official Light-Sticks

Light-sticks are gaining more importance in music fests now. Most of the artists or groups have their own lightsticks. It works as a symbol of the fandom. These light-sticks are customizable and have Bluetooth connectivity. You can handle your lightstick from your smartphones. Creating an ocean with lights are a common trend in music shows.

Festival App

Nothing is handier than a mobile application. Music festivals are using festival apps now. These come with a road-map, a detailed description of the events and other necessary information you need. Also, music festivals carry a lot of data that has the chances of getting hacked. Festival data security is gaining importance as well. Festival phones are coming into scenario too. No one wants to go to a music festival with an expensive phone. These festival phones are cheaper are has all the connectivity. You can connect your light-stick with your phone and enjoy without any worries.  

It ain’t over yet…

Apart from these seven tech-trends, music festivals are adopting many more gadgets. Technology never fails to amuse us. Waterproof gadget cases, cashless systems, sponsorship aids, synthesizer clones, etc are no longer unknown to us. Firstly, the music festivals went cashless like all other places now. Every payment is taken care of by smartphone. Then there are waterproof gadget cases. People can enjoy open-air festivals without worrying about the gadgets they are carrying. Finally, technology is offering a personalized experience for the audience. A few years ago no one thought that personalized experience is possible in music festivals. However, with messages from stars and customized merchandise, every person experiences something unique.

Technology is ruling over humans now and music is not out of its domain either. The way music festivals were held has changed drastically over the years. From popular festivals in 1960 to the concerts in 2018, music festivals came a long way. Whether the technology is making the music industry cripple or giving it wings is a never-ending battle. However, all the tech-trends joined the music world in a single thread.