5 Exciting Ways To Collaborate Music With Technology

When we talk about Music it’s all about Guitar, Percussion, and bass, that’s all we can think of. The present-day making of music has completely changed after the introduction of technology into the music. Technology is evolving day by day, and its impact on music can be seen and feel in everyday music.

Today, here I would be expressing the next level of making music by using technology. The five astonishing way that can be used to make music out of electricity and technology. Which will make you go wow! And you will be thrilled to know the outcome of the instrument. So, without further ado, Let’s get into our list of Top 5 Technological instrument.

Music Technology


To give a kick start to this exciting sound list, I would like to introduce my top pick for music application. It is the Singing Tesla Coil, also known as zeusaphone. Yes, you heard it right.

The real exciting fact is that there’s no physical speaker involve to produce sound from the source. The music is composed by creating a vibration to the diagram. A thin layer of waves which practically moves around the channel, making a sound wave.

For instance, take the general example which everyone can relate. Say, you have a ball or a fork, now if you spin the same on a wooden table, it will make a sound out of the vibration which makes a soothing tune. On the other hand, when you touch the object during the spin, it will stop making the sound.

The plasma channels are of higher pressure and the air surrounding the Tesla coil is lower than the waves. The wave keeps on surrounding in the atmosphere, which in turn creates the sonic boom and shock waves. You make the sound rhythmic by controlling or modifying the spark output of a Tesla Coil. Now you don’t have to play sound for the old retro MIDI tunes.


Now after producing sound from Tesla Coil, now let us move on to our next pick, a laser harp. If you think the laser will create a melody for you, then let me walk you to the ground of reality. In this case, the laser will not play any mechanism to produce a sound. Instead, a human interface would help you to create that magical sound from the laser.

Basically, the laser is connected to a device control by the human and based on the command and the direction the laser will produce the sound. The laser beams are like the hard strings, coming out of the emitter. When the laser beams interrupt, it plays a musical note.

The laser beam can be used as a stringed instrument. While blocking a laser beam produce a sound, just moving the hand position will create sound different. If you have the knowledge of music and note, you can use the laser as a guitar.

But the real deal is here; the harp will never know which note is being played. Also controlling the laser with the hand is nearly not possible and observing the same is like summing flash in you. So, to control the laser beam and also to produce a sound a human interface device is used. With the help of the device, you can make the impossible possible by controlling the device.

Electromagnetic Field

In my third pick of this list, here I am introducing electromagnetic field. Which you can use to make music. In this part, we have to talk about the theremin. Now if you are already wondering what a theremin is, you would be surprised to know that, you already know what it is.

A theremin is a device with two antennas on it, so that, it can detect the hand position of the player. The main purpose of the antenna to determine the pitch of the note and the also the volume that it should produce. The hand distance from one antenna will determine the pitch of the note. The other antenna will determine the at which level the sound should produce. So the antenna and the position of the hand matters, if you are playing this instrument.

But the real deal is, how the antenna knows where the hand position is? To clarify the fact, we have to understand; this is not an antenna], as this is neither receiving a frequency nor transmitting a code. Rather, it is more of a  plate in a capacitor.

Stepper Motors

Did you ever think, if the old floppy drive and dot matrix printer and other Stepper motors gadgets will be of any use? No! Then this thing should change your opinion. Because you can use the Stepper motors as a musical instrument. Those annoying sounds if you can recall, we always used to complain about. But those sounds can be used as a musical instrument.

When you run an electric voltage into the motor, it runs a gear. Those gears vibrate a lot and due to the vibration, it creates sound in the air. If you use the right software with the accurate interface, you can easily manipulate the waves. By controlling the vibration, you can control the pitch of the note and how long it should play. So, now it’s not annoying anymore you can create good music out of annoying sound.

Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum can produce music; it’s really interesting as it sounds right? With the electrical waves running through the vacuum you can create a musical sound. It is a sealed container, through which electricity runs, the electricity generates from the filament of the bulb. Through a heterodyning effect, two high-frequency radio waves can create an audible sound at two different distance.

Just like the Theremin, your two hands can control both the pitch and volume of the note. While one hand is in static duty to control the pitch of the note by moving the hand around in the air. Other hand controls the volume level of the tone. The harder you press the button, the more sound will produce and also it will determine the manner of the note being played.

collaborate music with technology


So, these are the craziest way to make music out of nowhere. By now you should believe that the music is everywhere. Even the silence has its sweet child of tune. I hope now you will not complain about the annoying sound. With proper technology and sound knowledge, you can make a grinding noise into a scratching sound.