3 Tech Trends Including AI that will overturn the Music Industry

Music is a vital part of life. Even every informal listener knows that for the past few years the music industry is not in a good shape. Flooded with privacy systems, releasing of mP3s, entry of Android and Apple’s free music applications the value of the record labels have drastically come down. The revenue of the artists affects a lot as there are no CD’s on the market today. However, with developing science an technology, even the music industry is having a major change.

The visual and acoustic aspects of music is a separate thing now. Such a division shows the music industry is not going to die soon. Music is easy to find today. Just tap your fingers on any of the applications streaming dongs and there you go listening to your favorite song. Artists can directly connect with their fans and it is a very important boost for the artists. They work hard and create good music for their fans.

Technology has changed the way people listen to and interact with music to songs nowadays. Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, virtual reality is some transformative changes where musicians can interact with their hands or listeners.

Revolutionising the Music Industry

Let’s take a look at the tech trends ruling the music industry today. People make good music sitting in their homes on their laptops. This happens due to the technology that gears people with the variety of options absolutely trouble free.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

To begin with, a new technology called Virtual Reality (VR) is on the use. Few of the musicians are already using this for their performances and for single video promotion. The VR seems to be growing among the crowd. People can stream their favorite concerts live by using virtual reality. This grants the listeners to share the experience of a live concert sitting at home, without spending any bucks. People who cannot afford to go for live shows, people who are differently abled, who do not get entry at the concert venues are highly benefited with VR.

Interactive Visual

Secondly, spreading music within seconds have become an easy phenomenon now. Musicians use interactive visual world. This is a fabulous tool for education as you can spend an entire day with your favorite musician or mentor. This is an excellent tool for musicians from Saudi Arabia, as the singers from this country cannot play music in public places.

Music is digitized in 2018. With every possible internet development, music distribution takes place in some minutes. People today want to listen to their loved tracks whenever they want. Hence, internet streaming of music has become the most anticipated platform for music.



Finally its time for Blockchain. The distribution of music today is becoming very easy. Artists can directly sell their music to their fans without the grapple of middlemen or any medium. Singers pay huge amounts for getting their albums released. They take a sigh of relief now with this facility now.

Websites play a great role when it comes to terms with developing music using technology. Artists can utilize their full potential and get the deserved recognition and income. Artists are to provide correct data of themselves. This is a game-changing coin for musicians. Data services are not aware of the owner of the music that is streaming, hence the real creator of the music are not paid. With Blockchain this problem will be solved.

AI will overturn Music Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Above all, AI is an extremely useful technique for musicians. It is based in London. It is a startup naming JUKEDECK. They manipulate algorithms to make songs, create background music for artists who cannot bear the expenses to pay for royalty fee for existing music. Licensing music is a very expensive and tedious job. As a consequence, big label brands or stores use AI. Furthermore, this tech trend pushes the artists to be more creative.

Other Future Tech Trends Coming Up

In addition to the three tech trends, these two are the parallel buzz for the changing industry.

Non-traditional MIDI controllers

Keyboards are the oldest ways to play a synthesizer, but in the recent past, they have also entered atypical interfaces. People play keyboard on their phones with an application. This is a type of ROLI Block system. Pharrell William invested a lot in this block system

Eurorack Gear

It is a modular synthesizer. It is used by tech bloggers. Meanwhile, on YouTube, it went viral to become the mainstream. Preferred by live performers. Importance of YouTube is inevitable.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Real world aspects augmented by computer-generated information. The primary focus of this is bridging the digital world and the perception of the people. Mixed reality features were present in the 1990’s and have now evolved into augmented reality. It is transforming the world of music in an enormous way.

Musicians and their Independence

Musicians can never rest. They continuously are on the move to create something new every time. Due to a lot of competitors, creating,  distributing quality music is their foremost priority. For this particular factor, developing a website is a key way to reach a massive number of audiences. Monetary benefits are proportional to the sales of the music.

Recording with inexpensive equipment has made a way for more people to show up their talents. Media is not anything about monolithic. Press coverage has increased. Today artists are getting the chance of being independent and releasing music. Fifteen years earlier, recording labels ruled the industry. Otherwise, without them, none will get the recognition

The music industry is the most dynamic industry as of now. If it has to keep its warmth among people, the music industry must make proper use of the upcoming tech trends. Music is something that no one wants to die. Artists now can sell their songs or music for TV shows, commercials, films too. Direct connecting to the producers.

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