10 Technologies that can change the Entire Music Industry

We all know that in the 20th century, the music industry has changed itself for the huge technological improvement. Due to technological innovation, many new sophisticated musical instruments are coming into the music industry.

In 2018, Blockchain Technology is playing a major role in improving the overall music business. We should know those technologies and their features that have already revolutionized the whole music industry.

10 Technologies that have Changed the Music

In this article, we will mention some of the most important technologies that are responsible for the improvement of the industry. We will also look forward to those innovations that can be able to change the way we produce, distribute and consume music.

The Phonograph:

Phonograph invention has fundamentally changed the music’s place in our life. For this invention, the ephemeral nature of music is changing day-by-day. Now we can fix so many musical performances on time and also return it several times. Accessibility is increasing due to mechanical production with art and democratized music. People are listening to different types of songs like folk, jazz, blues. We are making a new relationship with these songs and therefore, they are now becoming very popular.

Electric Guitar

The Electric Guitar:

The Electric Guitar concept has itself changed in 1941 by adding a neck, strings, tuners and homemade pickups. People were not prepared to see a musician with a solid block of woods. That’s why some false sides were added to it to give an electric guitar a more attractive look. After the great innovation by Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1952, now we are getting an electric guitar at a very cheap rate. We can play these guitars very easily. At present, this is becoming the most popular means of musical expression.

Multitrack Recording:

Multitrack Recording is another great invention by Les Paul. It has a critical feature so that it can convert the modern art into popular music. Those who are multitracking freed musicians, they have faced some constraints related to their performance during there recording sessions. But now, we can record each and every element of a single composition separately. After that, we will assemble it through editing. There are some popular pop albums available in the market. Those songs will be impossible to record without multitracking.

Effect Pedals:

Effect Pedals are associated with different tricks like echo, reverb, distortion, and phasing. These tricks are introducing some unusual sound in different pop music. Companies are producing different portable units so that musicians can be able to recreate sounds easily.

Technologies change music industry


Synthesizers were one of the greatest inventions in the music industry. These were mainly designed to mimic something related to music. But these are very big and also expensive. That’s why it is not possible always to carry a synthesizer to the performance venue. But now through the technological advancement, musicians can easily buy different musical instruments together because those are becoming less expensive. Different eminent synthesizer producing companies are introducing modular synthesizers and they are very small, cheaper. We can easily play those synths without giving so much effort.


We can use Turntable as a playback device for some specific dance performance and in some hip-hop DJ music. Performers can give their unique performance for every replaying of a song. After this innovation, musicians can easily understand how to present a popular music.


Walkman is a personal music player introduced by Sony in the year 1979. We are getting headphones rather than speakers with the Walkman. After the innovation of Walkman, people can now control the way they have already experienced. This is the most popular invention where social participation and interaction are playing an important role for personal enjoyment.


Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI):

MIDI is a popular technology that is allowing musicians to synchronize the music. We can play multiple musical instruments simultaneously by using this technology. MIDI-enabled synthesizers and some other instruments like the Roland TR-909 drum machine became the most essential instruments in the music industry.


Auto-Tune musicians can change the human voice. Producers already started using Auto-Tune regularly in the late 1990s. Auto-tune can produce a sensation on different pop songs. So if you don’t have a strong sense of melody, you can be a pop star by using Auto-Tune technology.


The blockchain is another important technological innovation through which we can easily create, distribute and consume music. This is the technology which can serve different purposes together. So we can say that this is the final step towards achieving the ultimate goal in the long history of technological innovation.

Some Other Technological Innovations in the Music Industry

  • Television is another important technological innovation in the music industry. This has brought music into audiovisual reality in the year 1950. The pillars of funding, recording, marketing and distributing are playing the key roles in developing the music industry. Television has introduced its own mini-revolution with the audiovisual accompaniment of music, first with MTV and music videos in the 1980s. Recently, we can use different video streaming portals like YouTube because they are providing an excellent medium for the music lovers to express their own created music.
  • Radio is mainly a medium for mass communication. Different radio stations are playing different hit music because this has become a national sensation in some countries. In 1920, when the radio was first invented, there were two radio stations in the country. But just after a year, the number of radio stations crossed 600. Early music radio consisted with a microphone. It has enabled the foundation of the music industry. Music has played a very important role as radio was one of the integral mediums of communication for the last 75 years.
  • The Personal Computer is another medium of recording and editing sound. In today’s digitalized world, music has separated from its medium through digitalization.  Now, music artists can easily release their music albums by using their personal computers. There are different free music making applications that are available in today’s technological platform. By using those applications, we can easily create a remix music. So in other words, we can say that the personal computers can be able to make music more participatory.